design a face mask

Custom Face Masks - Design One Yourself Today And Survive

Now, many of you would be wondering what custom face masks are all about. Now, during the crisis situation globally, people have started to wear face masks. However, due to panic buying, it has run out of stock. So, you can start to prepare your own custom face mask, today.

How to Make One?

It is very easy to make one today. If you are not able to buy the standard masks like N95, then this is what you have to do. Moreover, you have to keep in mind that any mask can give some protection. Just cut out a 10 x 6 inches' piece of cloth and get two bands. Needle and thread or a sewing machine is required. Scissors are also needed to cut the pieces.

Now, you can just sew the bands to the rectangular pieces of cloth. Remember to stitch at the seams as well, so that the threads don't come off. Make the mask thick, with 2-layers. Thus, you stand to get adequate protection now. So, design a face mask now to additional protection. This is the best that you can do today. T-shirt material is really good, because of the stretch ability factor.

Photo Face Masks

Now, various printing companies are allowing you to print your favourite photos onto your masks. This way, there are no chances of them, getting mixed up with others. So, now you can go to some of the renowned printers and get your masks now.

The times are difficult, however you can make the best use of these difficult times and make the best face masks ever. They help you in counteracting the Corona virus and also protects others.

Desperate times do call for desperate measures and this is just one of them. You stand to gain a lot during these trying times, from these face masks.

So, without much delay, make your own face mask and wear it outside. Remember to wash your hands as frequently as you can to prevent the disease from attacking you and contamination. These will definitely take you a long way.